Interactive 3D Tour – the effect of full presence!

Currently 3D modeling has been implemented in many spheres of human activity. Due to the unique technologies and a broad set of capabilities of it, the interaction between the customer and the contractor has reached a new level and was greatly simplified. The time of implementation of many projects has decreased significantly, not affecting the quality of work.

One of the most efficient, effective and unique tools of 3D visualization is interactive 3D tours. They allow examining the simulated object from different angles in every detail. Today, this technology is high-end in various shows and demonstrations. Remote 3D tours allow companies to show the benefits of their products while demonstrating it to its users from all sides. In particular, this feature is actively used by companies involved in the construction, engineering, design, vehicles construction and so on.

It is worth noting that, despite all the stunning capabilities of 3D tours, the process of their creation is very time-consuming. This is due to the need to create a full navigation on the project: the possibility to rotate the model, to zoom it or to give detalization. Application of 3D animation and audio is a great addition to the virtual tour, but it takes some time. The process of creation of this product is a simulation of non-existent object, and its subsequent visualization, which is accompanied by the creation of panoramic viewpoints, and the ability to move through them.

It should also be noted that such a panorama cannot be compared with pictures, no matter of what quality they are. The possibility of the presence inside of non-existent object and its control is an undeniable advantage of 3D visualization. The presence of well thought-out navigation makes it easy to navigate through the project, to look at all details of it. In addition, due to the wide functional of 3D models, you will have no difficulty to combine several projects into one and move on it, if necessary.


Technology of 3D tours is widely applied in various spheres of our life, and it is most popular in the following ones:

1. Demonstration of various types of real estate.
2. Advertisement of hotels, resorts, inns and other.
3. Demonstration of the interiors of restaurants and cafes.
4. Visiting museums and exhibitions online.
5. Advertising in the tourism sector.
6. Development and demonstration of landscape.
7. Design of premises.
8. Presentations at various levels and much more.
In other words, 3D tours are very promising in modeling, providing wide opportunities.

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