Desert Safari Abu Dhabi: A Must-Go Adventure

The Desert Safari Abu Dhabi, has always remained one of the most sought-after event for every tourist who travels Abu Dhabi. Travelers get fascinated after watching the far-stretched desert and want to explore it beyond the points of sight. Watching four-by-four vehicles drifting and racing around in desert, makes them even more excited which makes them yearn for the safari.
In order to cater the needs of the prospective clients, there are various deals and packages being offered by several companies to make you enjoy Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. Here in this article, we will be introducing some of the most amazing deals you can avail to make your safari experience more and more thrilling, enjoyable and memorable.
a. Platinum Deal:
The Platinum Deal starts from AED1500. As the name may indicate that the Platinum Deal is actually a luscious deal with extra bit of everything. The cars in the platinum deals are finely picked, properly polished, well-maintained luxury vehicles which mostly contain the Range Rovers, Hummers and Toyota ZX cars. The companies in Abu Dhabi claim that they are not just providing services, they are actually introducing their beloved and oil-rich homeland to the tourists and it compels them to offer what’s best for the customers. The perks you can enjoy in Platinum Deal are:
• Safari Guides.
• Best Dining Experience.
• Dessert Setting, both private and in groups.

b. Heritage Deal:
The heritage deal is totally one of its kinds. The companies offering heritage deal for Desert Safari Abu Dhabi are quite a few because it is thought to have availed by older people. But, the vintage car experience that you can enjoy after buying the heritage deal coupon, will leave you startled and it will make you visit Dubai time and again. The fleet of vintage cars comprises a huge collection of aged Land Rovers but they are quite well-maintained and even now, portray a classy and trendy look. The heritage deal covers all the aspects that are related to a Bedouin life right from the start. You experience the entire Bedouin culture throughout the safari. The whole setup is designed to make you feel as one of the inhabitant of Bedouin culture. Extra perks you can enjoy in the heritage deal are as:
• The food will be cooked using traditional Bedouin spices and served in the same way.
• Wood is used to ornate the place where you sit.
• Entire Emarati style ornaments available to be bought by the safari people.

c. Hot Air Balloon Safari:
The Balloon safari is totally one of its kinds. A giant inflated balloon offering you a sitting place of about 4-5 people and then released in the air under the scorching sun. It is a must-to-do activity for those who visit Abu Dhabi even once. It can be split among group members and for couples, they make you a certain special sort of sitting where you can sit with your loved one and enjoy the mesmerizing and eye-catching view of the setting sun with a cool breeze throughout the whole Abu Dhabi Desert Safari
One major perk of hot air balloon safari is the fact that, you can have the entire view all from above and there is nothing to bother you or to hinder your journey either by getting your vehicle stuck in sand due to unintentional mistake of the driver or getting your tent blown away due to harsh wind and unwelcoming weather conditions. You can avail the Hot Air Balloon safari either at sunrise or just some moments before evening to enjoy the breath-taking sunset.

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