Chefchaouen, more than a beautiful picture


When we look at magazines and pictures, cities look really beautiful. We do not know if it is all about Photoshop or great shots, but sometimes we do not believe. This situation has happened to me a lot with Morocco. Pictures with big camels, beautiful dessert and traditional people seem too amazing and sometimes it does not seem real. This almost happened with Chefchaouen. If you see this city on pictures it looks so beautiful that you immediately want to go inside this blue paradise, but is it real? Is it as beautiful as it seems?

When I say the blue city, I am not joking. Everything in Chefchaouen is blue, maybe food is also blue. So, now you may be thinking: “should I go to Chefchaouen because it is a blue city?” the answer is no. Basically the Morocco Tours include Chefchaouen as a good destination not only because of the way it looks like –it looks better than other cities if you ask me- but because of the great places you can visit here.

If you are curious and you want to know more about this city, you should start visiting the Kasbah Museum. I know museums are not good for all people –especially those who get easily bored walking around museums- but for those people who really enjoy it, this is a nice opportunity. The sights from the tower are amazing, it has a beautiful, cute and fresh garden with many vegetation. You can find an ethnographic museum and the prison in which Abd el Krim was held. When you go to the tower, you can see the whole city and you can get amazing views: blue and white houses in the mountains. The doors are nice and interesting, the garden is extremely beautiful. Visiting this place is definitely worth it.

Morocco Tours are not completed if you do not visit the Medina or the famous squares. Place Outa el Hammam & Kasbah is a famous and noisy square located in this city. It is full of life, happiness, movement, activities, and it has many shops and restaurants. You can find nice, open and kind people. The restaurants are commonly full of people and the best thing of coming here is resting at the restaurant’s terraces and enjoy the beautiful views. Place Outa el Hammam & Kasbah is not too big but you can find shops selling many useful things and many people walking around this place.

If you visit Chefchaouen, I recommend you to do a day trip. It may be exhausting but you will get the best of the Morocco trips when you do that. You will be able to have a car and a tour guide that will explain you the basic things and will take you to the main square. Then, you will be free to do whatever you want without time restrictions. After a long trip, you will be really happy to discover this city until you need it.

As you can see, Chefchaouen has many things to offer. It may seem like a little blue city which is only cute and looks good in pictures, but is definitely more than that. Some people say it is one of the best secrets of Morocco and other people prefer to ignore this beautiful city. I would not say it is a Morocco secret and I will not skip visiting this city, but I will definitely say this city makes you fall in love with every little thing you see, because every little thing here seem to be perfect and seem to suit perfectly to your likes.


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