Are You Ready to Bring Home the Most Famous Christmas Flowers?

The happy birthday of Lord Christ is celebrated worldwide with much fanfare. To wish him on his grand birthday, are you also ready to order flowers for Christmas? Not only for offering in Church but also for greeting friends and relatives, flower would be the best thing to look up to this Christmas. Winters is the best time for growth of beautiful flowers and it seems like these blooms are waving a happy birthday to Jesus. Let’s see some of the prettiest flowers that you can bring home, take to the Church and send others.

One cannot technically call it a flower. The red colored leaves known as bracts are really mesmerizing and it is one of the topmost flowers that is accepted hugely as a Christmas flower. It is a native of Central America and ancient Aztecs used this winter growing flower to produce dye as well as beauty products. The shape of this flower and its leaves are considered as the symbol of the Star of Bethlehem. These were the same stars which guided the three wise men to visit Jesus. The red leaves refers to blood of the Christ while the white symbolizes his purity. So, you have the theme color of Christmas in this flower which makes it an apt choice for this festive season.

Winter Jasmine


This pale yellow colored blooms start growing from November onwards. The amazing fragrance coming out of it makes it a fabulous choice to be gifted to someone special in this occasion. You can also get some of these blooms to decorate your home space. Joy, positivity, and friendship are conveyed through this flower and that’s why to promote more love you must have this flower.



From October itself you can see these blooms refreshing your mind in the most beautiful way. These flowers mean: wealth and prosperity, rebirth or renewal, essence of spring, good fortune, happiness, clarity, and joy. Narcissus is a Greek name meaning narcotic and in Greek mythology this name also has a story of Narcissus. This Narcissus was the son of a river and a fairy who was immensely in love with his own reflection. And this flower bloomed when he drowned himself in a river for this self-obsession.



The stunning red color and the velvety texture of this wonderful flower makes it a fantastic choice to be among the Christmas flowers you have to buy. The Victorians associated pride with this flower. Suppose you are very proud of your best friend or lover, you must present this flower bouquet to him/her. For a Victorian nobleman, an amaryllis meant a resilient, self-possessed and a very pretty woman. As your token of love for your woman, you can select this flower for your flower bouquet.

There are some other flowers also like the Clematis Cirrhosa, Helleborus Niger, Iris, etc. that can be looked for to wish your loved ones a merry Christmas.

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